The first time I knew that I wanted to study history was when I was in the seventh grade. This revelation took place in my history class, under a veteran teacher who was very well liked and respected (not by myself or my childish group of my friends) throughout the school community. It was towards the end of the school year, and my friends and I had basically spent the past six months disrupting the class and trying to annoy our teacher as much as possible. In between the times we were wreaking havoc in the classroom, I always took great interest in the events that my teacher would speak of. I wasn’t fond of doing the work and being tested on dates and events that seemed irrelevant, but these events that my teacher was talking about would appear in my head almost like a movie, which would almost be entertaining.

Near the end of the year I started to sit away from my friends, and began attempting and hoping to raise my grade to at least a passing one. It was one of the last weeks of the class when we were all sitting in again on one of her lectures, when I asked a question about something that she was talking about. I always loved and still love to ask questions in my history classes, and I’ve heard for some odd reason, that teachers appreciate the ones who ask the most question. Anyways, after I asked another one of my questions, she looked at me in front of the whole class and said “Colin, I think you are the only one who is interested and actually cares about what I’m saying. It wasn’t the fact that she noticed that I enjoyed the subject, it was the fact that it was coming from almost like an enemy, as I had basically been a little shit the whole year, and naturally, she must have not taken the greatest liking to me or my friends. From that point on, not only did my love for history grow, but I really changed my attitude about schoolwork and having respect in the classroom, as we really are all just people trying to find our way.

One of the things that interests me most about history, as all of us know, is that it tends to repeat itself. With this blog I will aim to explore and analyze current events that relate and tie in to past events that have occurred since the beginning of time.