One of the most recent developments in the news world is that the United States has been secretly and “accidentally” allowing the sale and shipment of thousands of U.S. manufactured military grade weapons in to Mexico. The ATF said that these weapons were sold under the “Fast and Furious” program, where they allowed the sales in order to then track and find out where the cartels are that these weapons are being trafficked to. Seems like a possibly a good idea right? Well maybe if they didn’t actually lose track of the majority of the weapons sold, their plan could have worked! The flaws of the Fast and Furious Program initially made national headlines when an assault rifle that was used to kill a border patrol agent was traced back to Texas. Any sensible American can realize the level of absurdity in this situation. Take a look at this graph to decide for yourself whether our government has a hand in the violence in Mexico.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this situation is the evidence that the United States has also “accidentally” done this before in past history! This first case of the United States aiding its enemies was in the late 1980’s under President Ronald Reagan, who was also known to be the first president to declare a war on drugs. In this case the CIA was behind payments of large sums of money to the “contras” (revolutionaries) in Central and South American countries, specifically in Nicaragua. They were aiming at helping them defeat communist governments, when in reality these contras were some of the biggest cocaine traders on the planet. These rebels used the money for weapons and ammunition, and also as protection for the drug trafficking network. A report, also known as the Kerry Committee Report, was the first investigation in to the idea that the CIA helped protect drug traffickers. This audio clip will help you get a better understanding of the help that the CIA provided for these drug traffickers. While they didn’t directly move the drugs, they did provide them with money and did turn a blind eye to the traffickers, helping protect their network. Oliver North, National Security Member councilman, was eventually arrested for his part in meeting helping Manuel Noriega, a Panamanian dictator involved in the drug trade. The Oliver North file is one examination of evidence that points to him aiding drug traffickers.

Another example in a conflict going on today is that of civil war going on in Libya. Many of the rebels fighting against Gaddafi are accused of being linked to and trained by Al-Qaeda, Americas’ sworn enemy. A commander of the Libyan rebels even announced that many of his fighters are indeed linked to Al-Qaeda. The world is much informed on the fact that the United States has been providing a surplus of aid to the Libyan rebels. Libyan fighters on the front lines claim that they have been trained by American and Egyptian special forces. While these Al-Qaeda linked fighters are not currently attacking US forces, who knows what is going to happen one they return to their hometowns after the Libyan conflict is over. Even Osama-bin Laden was once aided by the United States! The United States supplied weapons and training to Afghan militants in their fight against the Soviet Union in the 80’s, and we all know how that turned out. It helped create the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in the first place.

The only question I have for you is “what are we continuing to do to ourselves?”