The blog article appearing on “Political Insider with Jim Galloway” is a good example of effective writing relating past history to present. This article highlights the recent comparisons that are appearing as a result of the allegations that front-running Presidential candidate Herman Cain “sexually harassed” two of his female co-workers. Many people have seen a strong relation to the allegations that Anita Hill made in the 1990’s against Clarence Thomas, who was up for nomination for Supreme Court Justice.

Perhaps the greatest and most important aspect of this article is the use of multi-modality. The author uses numerous links and quotes to articles appearing on major media outlets, such as the “Washington Post.” He also does a great job using video clips in the article, one being a “Fox News” television broadcast, the other, an important 1990’s television clip from the widely broadcasted Clarence Thomas hearing. This use of multi-modality does a great job of informing the his audience in ways that make is easy and entertaining for them to understand.

Although this blog features more of an “informative” voice, rather than “opinionated” voice, the author material he provides invokes plenty of discourse, which is strongly indicated through the comments.¬† While this is a simple informative article, it features strong rhetoric appeal to the audience through its different aspects and approaches. Overall, this article is very effective in its purpose of informing and creating discourse in the community.