Over the past few weeks, there have been serious developments that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering military strikes against sites in Iran that are possibly being used to develop nuclear weapons. The suspicions that Western nations have been having for sometime now about Iran’s nuclear ambitions have reached a all-time high, now that the United Nations watchdog, the IAEA, has visited Iran’s nuclear development sites and announced that “Iran has carried out activities relevant to development of a nuclear explosive device.” Although it has been widely known for sometime that Iran has been developing and experimenting with nuclear activity, Iranian officials have steadily claimed for years that they have the utmost peaceful intentions for their nuclear program, and only intend to use it as a source of energy to power their nation.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Kamenei and President Mahmoud Amadenijad

Sources in the highest levels of the British government, who are also tied in with the US and Israel, believe that Israel may strike Iran within a matter of months, possibly even before Christmas. The Israeli Prime Minister thinks action must be taken as soon as possible to ensure that an atomic bomb doesn’t end up in the hands of an aggressive Iranian regime. The Israelis have recently run demonstrations of their military might, with tests of long range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and also F-16 strikes that simulate attacks on a given target.

If these allegations hold true, they would be very alarming considering the fact that the allies of these two nations would certainly be drawn in to this conflict.The repercussions from an attack could very possibly result in a third world war. The governments of Russia and China, who support Iran, have already warned the United States, who support Israel, that a military strike would be a “serious mistake.” The supreme leader of Iran has warned the West that Tehran would respond militarily with a “strong slap and an iron fist.” French President Sarkozy has reassured Israel that it would side with them over the case of Iran, and the UK would certainly have to side with the US and Israel as well. The question is: what are all these implications leading to? If Israel decides for a preemptive strike against Iran, would the powerful allies of these nations begin taking arms against one another?