As sexual allegations continue to rise against Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, we must wonder if these claims will lead to the demise of campaign of Cain. Similar allegations posed a threat Clarence Thomas’s nomination to Supreme Court Justice in 1991, but eventually didn’t curb his bid to become Justice. These allegations are very similar, as both are sexual harassment claims against African-American governing figures, both occurring at a crucial time in their bid for a highly respected and important position in our American government. When asked about these allegations, Cain even used the same expression (“hi-tech lynching) that Thomas used to gain sympathy in his case for innocence.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Republican Candidate Herman Cain










While the situations are similar, a key difference is that Cain must gain back respect of the would-be people supporting him in his party, while Thomas had to maintain the respect of one person, President Bush, who initially nominated him for the position. Also, even if Cain were to be nominated by his party, he would still have to go through the enduring test of the American people, who would then have to vote him in to office over current President Barack Obama.

While it is tough to predict the eventual effects of these allegations against Cain, some of the recent GOP polls have proved that Cain’s nomination is slightly beginning to slip. In the most recent PPP poll, Cain’s popularity dipped 5 percentage points, taking him out of first place and placing him behind candidate Newt Gingrich, who gained 13 percentage points in his surge in to the lead position.

Time will certainly tell for Herman Cain, but it is beginning to appear Cain won’t be fortunate enough to experience the same fate that Clarence Thomas did in the early 90’s.